Do you only use trademark watching to identify infringements?

Trademark watching only provides part of the infringement landscape.

Benefits of Domain Name Watching

  • Early warning of domain names being registered that contain your client’s trademark
  • Advance notice of websites being created for phishing or sale of counterfeit products
  • Alert of email accounts being created for phishing attack or promotion of counterfeit products


Banks, consumer product, pharmaceutical, in fact all industries are affected.


Our domain name service monitors on a daily bases 2,600+ domain name extension registrations across gTLDs (.com, .net etc), ccTLDs (.cn, .uk etc) and new gTLDs (.xyz etc)

Service Details

Available as a weekly or monthly report.

Alternatively, get results through the Domain Name Watching module within IPCurator so you can analyse results and generate your own client reports.

The Domain Name Watching module contains:

  • Screenshot – Automatic capture of website with date and link
  • Site Status – Changes to domain name status and associated website monitored
  • Payment Takedown – Withdrawal of payment facilities by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal
  • Enforcement – Send and manage website takedown notices
  • Reporting – Generate reports to provide management updates and enable trends analysis

For a summary of IPCurator features look here.

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