Search Engines


Using the world’s leading search engines, locally

select the search engines and countries you consider most relevant and IPCurator will do the rest, returning search results as they would be seen by local users.

Benefit from our unique R3 Index

IPCurator’s search engine module includes our R3 Index that ranks the relative importance of results based on a proprietary algorithm designed to measure Revenue and Reputation Risk.

The R3 Index does all of the hard work, calculating which infringing sites are getting the most traffic and assigns a number to each website based on their search engine ranking results; making it easy to identify which infringing web sites are being visited by the largest number of consumers. Enforcement resources can then be quickly and appropriately directed at the sites causing the most revenue and reputation loss.

For a summary of IPCurator features look here.

Our pricing is by search term so you choose exactly how and where you want to invest your search budget.

IPCurator options include solutions for IP owners and for IP service firms who want to offer something extra to their clients.

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